We are in…yes, you guessed it: “unprecedented times.” 


With so many distractions and chaos flooding our brains, 

we might feel pretty out of sorts.

Do you find yourself unable to concentrate? Is technology capable of hijacking your brain and minutes somehow magically turn into hours before you snap out of it? Ever feel like you're on auto-pilot and going through the motions?




I wanted to understand why I couldn’t lock in the good

habits I knew I was capable of. I came to terms with the countless

hours I've spent scrolling through feeds of unnecessary information.

It's fascinating how technology has changed the game and it's easy to drop our guards.


I began to invest time in learning to be aware of what I was spending my time doing. Documentaries like The Social Dilemma help depict part of the story about the gamble for our attention

to the highest bidder.


Taking this step back forced me to

decide where my time was truly valuable. 

Where is your time most valuable?

Just when you think you’ve heard or seen it all, you notice something that opens your eyes to a way you’ve never thought before.

Are you open to learning something new? To have you socks blown off by some profound information that could

change the way you operate?

I am passionate about finding these a-ha moments,

especially when it comes to new ways to focus! 


I research as many helpful techniques as possible until I find the

ones that stick. After assessing if they’re working or not,

I keep exploring and stay open to new possibilities of discovery.


I’m still learning every day and I get so excited to share what I’ve learned, especially the techniques that have changed my life for the better!

People come from a variety of wildly different backgrounds

and that is why this book is filled with techniques from all

different walks of life.


You’re sure to find a couple that could really resonate.

Eventually turn these positive patterns into massive results with

unlimited upward trajectory.

So if you’re looking for a helpful tool, arm yourself

with this QUICK read and useful reference guide!


Knock it out in a matter of hours and move on to what this book is all about; trying the techniques it offers to achieve a positive outcome.

If you feel like you need to brighten your outlook or shift your perspective, pick up Fearless Focus HERE today!

This is why intentional

thinking is more important

now than ever before. Awareness is key

when trying to find

the patterns that will

help us unlock our

best lives. These

realizations in my own

life and finding what

worked for me is the

reason for this book, 

Fearless Focus. 



"...Why do I resist? Where is my time going? Fearless Focus had me exploring these questions and digging deep into my mindset. Through this book, Lee provided me with the tools I am now implementing to get me back to focusing on what I truly want and need in my life to be a success."

Amanda L

5 stars, Goodreads

"Ever lose control of what your own mind is thinking? Can’t seem to stop thinking about something (or a lot of things)? This excellent book will help you gain control and focus in easy-to-implement suggestions. It will help you dig deep into mindset and changing your way of thinking (or not thinking). Loved it! Plan on reading it again to capture what I might’ve missed the first time!"

Rob S
5 stars, Amazon

"The author is an authoritative, yet down-to-earth guide, sharing her own struggles and how she was ultimately able to find focus. Many options are laid out so that the reader can try whatever feels right. I enjoyed the book and took away some new ideas to try."

Liz B

5 stars, Amazon


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